Code Book

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Chapter 1: General Provisions, Ordinance 16-2009

Chapter 2: Administrative Review

Chapter 3: General Government, Common Council Ethics Code, Ordinance 2-2010

Chapter 4: Municipal Court

Chapter 5: Adult-Oriented Establishments and Clubs

Chapter 6: Animals

Chapter 7: Cable Systems

Chapter 8: Cell Towers

Chapter 9: Cemetery

Chapter 10: Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Chapter 11: Fences

Chapter 12: Fire Prevention

Chapter 13: Housing and Fair Housing

Chapter 14: Intoxicating Liquor, Fermented Malt Beverages & Other Beverages, Ordinance 1-2012

Chapter 15: Nuisances

Chapter 16: Peace and Good Order, Ordinance 1-2010, Ordinance 1-2013

Chapter 17: Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

Chapter 18: Transient Merchants

Chapter 19: Vehicles, Traffic, and Bicycles

Chapter 20: Water and Sewer Utility, Ordinance 1-2011

Chapter 21: Zoning, Ordinance 1-2006, Ordinance 2-2006

Chapter 22: Signs

Chapter A40: Bond Schedule

Chapter A41: Fee Schedule, Ordinance creating Division 6 of Chapter A41: Wheel Tax, Ordinance 1-2009, Ordinance 1-2009A, Ordinance 1-2013, Ordinance 1-2014, Ordinance 2-2014

Chapter A42: Orby Jones Family Complex Policy

Chapter A43: County Shoreland

Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Permit Fees

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